Perfect Mattress for the Perfect Choice

Choosing the best mattress seems very difficult. But if you know what to look for, it will be a lot easier. Don’t let yourself be tempted by cries like “The Best Buy” or “Best in the World.” There is almost nothing as personal as buying a mattress.

The best mattress does not actually exist. Everyone has his or her own preference and personal situation. The lying comfort, the temperature control, and the materials are entirely dependent on your individual sleeping behavior. This guide will help you get started, and we will explain why we ask certain questions in the conclusion.

In addition to the components that determine which mattress fits well with your personal sleeping situation, other factors also play a role, such as a price, washability, guarantee, certificates and the possibility of a test sleep.


How do you choose a good mattress? Of course, you want a good mattress for a reasonable price, and you don’t want to feel that you have to pay too much. Remember, however, that in the world of ​​mattresses you can often pay for something that’shigher quality. We spend an average of one-third of our lives in bed, so a good mattress is not a luxury and can prevent a lot of complaints. Let yourself be well informed so that you consciously make the right choice. But never let yourself be led by the price alone: ​​a mattress is an investment for many years of comfort.


When there are allergies, the washability of the ticking is indispensable. But apart from allergies, a loose cover is also a lot more hygienic because you can clean it regularly. Without a loose cover, the mattress must be professionally cleaned once in a while.


Every mattress is supplied with a (legal) guarantee from the manufacturer. Hopefully it is never necessary, but should something go wrong unexpectedly, the mattress mustbe repaired or replaced. Some mattresses have up to 15- or 20-years warranty. However, let yourself be well informed about the terms and conditions of this guarantee, as there is often a waiver guarantee. This means that the reimbursement is greatly reduced. What is most beneficial to you is the mattress and its warranty conditions. These are different for each brand and / or mattress.

Exchange guarantee

More and more manufacturers apply an exchange guarantee on their merchandise. You are hereby given the right to exchange the mattress within a certain period. Of course, conditions are always attached to this. These differ by manufacturer / brand, so visit let you know well about the possibilities.