What Makes a Perfect Mattress Attractive to You?

You can understand that all those different mattress screens sometimes cause some confusion. To help you on your way, there is a list of the most important ones for you!


The conformity of a mattress indicates how evenly a sleep system adapts to the body contours. The higher the conformity of a mattress or bed base, the better the body is supported. A mattress with optimal conformance ensures that the pressure is distributed over the entire body, because the entire body is in contact with the mattress. Because of this pressure distribution, the body stays neatly in a straight line, allowing you to relax during your night’s rest completely. Are you looking for a mattress with optimal conformance? Then a memory foam mattress, combined with a cold foam core, is the best option for you!


Density means density. In the case of foams used in mattresses, as slow and cold foam, it concerns the cell density. The density of a mattress keeps the weight per cubic meter. Contrary to what many people think, the density says nothing about the hardness of the mattress. The cell density of a mattress is very important when looking at the ventilating and moisture-regulating capacity of a mattress. Foam with a higher density often lasts longer than foam with a considerably lower density. Are you looking for a quality cold foam or memory foam mattress? Then we recommend choosing a mattress with a minimum value of 35.

HR value

The HR value stands for High Resilience, also called high resilience. The HR value indicates the amount of kilo of cold foam per cubic meter. The higher the HR value, the better the quality of the mattress.

SG value

SG value is an abbreviation that stands for specific gravity. The SG value indicates the number of kilograms of foam used per cubic meter. The SG value is often mentioned for polyether, latex and memory foam mattresses. The higher the SG value, the better the quality of the mattress.

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