How is the best mattress built up with back complaints?

A mattress that is used on a little active soil can be made up of different materials, each with their specific advantages.

Cold foam, for example, is the most used material for mattresses. It ventilates well, is stable and durable. It exists, like other foams, in different densities (quality) and hardness (comfort).

Memory foam has the unique ability to shape itself to the body that exerts pressure, making it pressure reducing. It works by means of body temperature, which is perceived by some as annoying at cold temperatures or with frequent changes in sleeping position. Memory foam is usually used as a top layer in combination with a base of cold foam or pocket springs. It can also be used in between as with the Comfort mattress.

Latex is without the doubt the most comfortable material due to the high point elasticity. Not all latex breathes well. The Talalay variant, however, breathes very well. A latex mattress can contain natural rubber to a greater or lesser extent. A 100% natural latex mattress does not exist. From 40% natural rubber one can speak within the EU about a natural latex mattress.

Innerspring mattresses have the property to be resilient and well ventilated. An inner suspension can consist of Bonell springs, a spring package that moves together more. Or from pocket springs that can move separately from each other. With a qualitative spring mattress, pocket springs are always chosen. There are many different types of pocket springs that feel harder or softer and are combined in one mattress with zones. In order to silver the ventilation properties of the mattress core, it is necessary that the covering layer also breathes properly.

When should you replace a mattress?

All mattresses show signs of wear due to stress and perspiration over time. The resilience of the foam decreases as a result of which the mattress feels less comfortable. Pocket springs also become less resilient after a period of time due to the occurrence of metal fatigue.

After an average of 10 years of use, the best years of the mattress are behind You can also do a bit longer with a mattress than the pre-established 10 years, especially when you are a short sleeper. From a hygienic point of view, it is also better than you replace a mattress in time.